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Sydney Student Living

Sydney Student Living puts you, the student, as our top priority by providing you with the highest level of student accommodation quality, security and community that you deserve. We love ensuring our students are comfortable so much that we made sure our properties are centrally located near main educational facilities, transportation and shopping centres without the high costs that usually go along with that convenience.

You’ll move into a place that screams home and not ‘room’ with high quality student rooms and awesome common areas that will make your school friends jealous.

We’ve got flat-screen TVs and giant kitchens and giant beds. ‘Nuff said. Our facilities are top-notch and kept at the highest quality of cleanliness by our onsite cleaning staff so that when you’ve had three all-nighters and need a clean place to cook or take a breather you’ve got one.

You’ll also be safe at all time with 24-hour onsite management at all of our facilities to help keep you secure and feeling safe.

So join us at Sydney Student Living for your studies, where you’ve got 24/7 security for a safe stay and your new home is bae!

Pack more in more living

Living as a student in Sydney can be expensive and a pain so when we decided to create our amazing accommodation facilities we put you, the student, at the forefront of our plans. We wanted your life, well at least where you live, easier and more enjoyable than the lives of your friends. In doing that we came up with three mottos that we endeavor to build into your experience.


Stay in an accommodation that rivals living in a luxury hotel with super-clean and convenient rooms close to all you need while making new friends in a fun, supportive and relaxed setting. But if you wanna turn-up we’ll help with that too!


Save a trip to campus and study in your home where you will have access to inspiring and great study spaces not too far from your own fridge—or your new friend’s fridge!


Enjoy being a student in your cozy rooms and awesome common areas where you can dream big and share some awesome experiences.


We’ve got two safe and centrally located student accommodations located in Top Ryde and Concord that connects you to easy-access public transport and shopping centres so that you can spend most of your time here with friends and food instead of ‘the struggle’.

At SSL we make sure you’re living the life here in Sydney:

Convenient locations – you can walk to a bust stop or train station in three songs or less

Fully furnished rooms with extra amenities like Wi-Fi and TV to make you feel at home, not in a room

Secure housing in even safer neighbourhoods along with 24-hour onsite management

High-speed internet accessible from anywhere on our properties means you’ll never miss a moment on Twitter or Facebook

Plenty of space and choices for either study or play

Long-term and short-term accommodation available

We’re awesome and our premium, secure, and convenient student accommodation allows us to help you be awesome too.


Our rooms are also available with short stay options. Check availability of your dates now.